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Our History

Harberton Cricket Club is a club with a tradition for what we believe in...proper village cricket.Tea between innings, supporting our village pub, playing enjoyable cricket and spending time with our friends and family.  

We don't differentiate between our members. Anyone is welcome to join us

We're always happy to welcome new members who are interested in joining in with club activities, helping us organise events or excursions and being part of our community.


Harberton was founded in 1987 and eventually merged with Diptford Cricket Club some of whose players  became the core of Harberton's team and still play or support today


Over the years we have played at three different locations in and around Harberton before settling down at Stone Hills a field that belonged to Harberton cricketer and farmer Arthur Steer and which became the very fine ground which we enjoy today.


We built a state of the art pavilion with the help of lottery funding secured by our former chairman Barry Goldsmith who did so much to make our club what it is today.


We have lost some players over the years...we always remember them in what we do, however,



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