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Child Protection Policy

Protocol for coaches during junior matches and coaching sessions

  1. Check all batsmen and wicket-keepers wear an appropriate helmet and, for boys, abdominal protctor (box). This applies to all batsmen under 18 and also young wicket keepers standing up to the wicket.
  2. Under 13 players must not field less than 11 yards (10 meteres) from the striker’s wicket.
    For under 14 and 15 year old players the minimum distance is 8 yards (7.3 metres)
    Under 18 years the minimum distance is 6 yards and player must wear helmet and box at this distance.
  3. Young players should wear appropriate protective equipment in any fielding position in which they feel at risk.
  4. Under 13 years, no “fast” bowler may bowl more than 5 overs per spell and no more than 10 in a match.
    Under 15 years this goes up to 6 overs per spell and 12 in a match.
    For under 19 players the limit is 7 overs per spell and 18 overs per match
  5. Young players should not chew gum whilst playing
  6. Insist that players have regular drinks during a game to avoid them getting dehydrated.
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