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Harberton CC v Strongroom CC

Stonehills 6pm Friday 25th June 2021

The evening was fine with a slight chill in the air for the eagerly awaited annual return of Strongroom.

HCC: Shepherd (C and Wk), Moorman S, McClement, Morris H, Palmer, Tobias N, Ogilvy Stuart, Thompson, Sands, Hutchcroft, Tregelles C.

Not sure if I ever knew who won the toss but Strongroom batted first. We offered a slightly unusual combination to open the bowling of Trigger and Ian but very effective it was too (well done, Shep). A combined age of something like 119 (?)…is that a record for an HCC opening pair? After a long absence (until 2 days earlier in the South Brent game) Trigger was bang on the money from the start. Immaculate line and length and Ian started accumulating wickets with his wily twirling from the pavilion end.

Woolhouse managed to pull most muscles in both legs during his top scoring 30. Vinay scored in his usual free flowing way for 22 before being really well caught by Mike coming in from the mid-wicket boundary. He was heard to yell “mine” as 3 players converged on the skier. Lord knows why we all thought…”yours” would have been more usual for a skier of that altitude! It was his first of two good catches during the innings. Ian was the pick of the bowlers with 3-15, Noah with 2-12, Trigger 2-22 with one a piece for Matt and Roger who were finding consistency difficult into the breeze from the pavilion end (Ed: Ian found it perfectly straightforward!). Strongroom ended on 121-9.

We felt confident that that was an OK total to chase on a track offering good carry, however, we weren’t taking the very tight Strongroom bowling into account with Riaz’s leggies being a particular delight to watch from the pavilion if not to face from the middle. A measured start from Simon and Mike could only end in calamity. After a good base to take the score to 19 there was a muddle on a second run and Simon was run out. Shep came to the middle to join Mike and they put on an equally measured 37 before Mike was lbw to Gower for 22 (an easy call for Umpire Seagar who all were glad to see grace the Stonehills turf again).At this stage we were definitely behind. From memory we needed something like 8 an over from the last 9 but captain Shep started to gain his fluency and take control. Wickets were fairly regularly falling at the other end (for scores 0,2,0 and 0) with some fine bowling by Riaz. Once Shep had reached 50 no one actually knew in the pavilion whether any agreement on retiring had been reached. The scorer shouted  and the 50 was applauded but nobody  heard. It was actually one of those situations where a retirement would have spoiled the game. We were probably done for if Shep had got out and retirement would just have handed the game to our friends at Strongroom. He had the challenge of knocking off the runs with not much support at the other end and they the prospect of a wicket on many deliveries. It was exciting to the end with Shep even managing a dent in a car bonnet to boot (excuse the pun…couldn’t resist).


We made it with an over or so to spare but with 3 wickets falling on 118 causing chaos in the padding up department.

The Strongroom guys managed to tear themselves away from their on ground pub (a barrel in the back of a Land Rover) and a great evening was enjoyed by all in the Club HQ marquee with pizzas and beer. Nice to have a fairly full complement in the pub with most staying on late with a Friday fixture.


Nice to see Bill and other visitors for the occasion. A really enjoyable fixture as always with great cricket and banter.


Roger-Press Secretary


Harberton CC v Bridford CC

Stonehills 1.30pm Sunday 02 May 2021

After much early season work (making the ground look in tip top condition) the day finally dawned for HCC’s first fixture of the 2021 season after the Covid 19 pandemic had meant that 2020 got off to a very late start and the 2020/21 winter was a thing to be endured for most of us. Good chat over “tea” about the joys of home schooling for some and many other challenges on the work and home front but good to be out on the ground and in the company of friends again.

The weather: flipping cold with a biting wind and occasional rain (Sands & McClement having umpired 30 overs plus in it deserving special mention!)

The team; Tobias N (Captain), McClement, Land, Kanwar, Tobias T, Shepherd, Crawley, Smout Cooper C, Ogilvy-Stuart, Norris and Cussons.

Bridford won the toss and inserted HCC. It was a new fixture and so their skipper probably hadn’t appreciated that this would be a pretty good batting track against a side with a half decent batting line-up on the day. Your correspondent was a tad late getting to the ground to umpire and so missed the first two wickets to fall of McClement and Land but driving through the gate I was worried to see we were 5 for 2! The ship was steadied by the aggressive Kanwar and more stately Tobias T with a stand of 45 before Kanwar was run out for a breezy 23 by a direct hit when attempting a cheeky second. This brought Shepherd to the crease early. Tobias T fell shortly afterwards for a solid 22 and Shepherd was joined by Crawley for what was to become the dominant partnership of the day. Crawley’s deft flicks behind square increasingly brought Shepherd on strike where, after a steady start to recapture that eye, he started to unfurl some fine shots against bowling which became a little more generous as bowlers’ heads started to drop a little under the onslaught. Bridford though kept up fine banter in the field which made them a side which was a pleasure to play. Their skipper in particular was merciless on any lapses in the field (of which there were a few!). Suffice to say that Shepherd went through the gears passing 50, then a well earned ton before support act Crawley fell for 20. Smout-Cooper C came to the crease which only increased the pressure on the Bridford bowlers meaning there were big shots coming from both batsmen (I’m currently inclined that we should still use that term at HCC despite the new “batters” now being adopted by ECB, BBC et al but we’ll see…).

Towards the end McClement was seen to be chewing his fingernails with anxiety that his club record (166?) might be exceeded but Shepherd ended the 40 overs innings on 156* and Smout Cooper C on 23.The HCC score, a formidable 275-5.

Despite Bridford having taken the 20 over drinks break and made it look like an early tea with all sorts of goodies being broken out, actual tea was taken between innings on a Covid secure basis with individual lunchboxes and flasks, sitting on the grass. 

I can’t report on the Bridford innings in such detail as I was too cold to umpire the second half (!). I departed the Stonehills tundra though thinking with that score, a win would be a formality but Bridford made the total runs for the day total in excess of 500 (a credit to head groundsman Clayton) scoring 234 all out with their opener Joy getting a special mention for the second ton of the day scoring 135 before being c & b by Charlie SC who enjoyed the best figures of the innings with 8-0-39-3. 


A good win to start the season but with everyone looking forward to it warming up a bit!


2021 season starts!

Really good that with the dry but chilly April weather we are able to start the new season. Our intra-club game today has a good turn out-watch those early season injuries chaps! Thanks for getting this going Noah.

The ground is looking marvellous due to the passionate hard work of Graham and a small band of helpers including Jackie. We have got all our machinery fettled, at some cost, to make sure that the ongoing maintenance happens easily.

We had a good workday last weekend. Thanks to all who made it a fairly easy morning’s work. Specifically Trigger for organising a digger and bringing a tipper to make the lane repair crew of him, Angus and Simon an efficient task. A variety of people helped with the net but the core of Dave, new member Mark, Max Moorman and self got it all sorted-sorry it is a bit wonky one end! Bill wouldn’t have let that happen… Roger was out on the roller and Mike on toilet duty! Graham caressing various bits of grass as usual. All done by lunch.

Officers remain as they were as we haven’t had an AGM yet: we promised that on the reopening of the pub.

We have other clubs using our ground again this year. A really good source of revenue but hard work again for the ground team. There is a need for stewards for these games. Anyone wanting to help with this or the ground contact Graham on g1clayton78@outlook.com

Please remember that restrictions are the same as last season. Please come changed and bring your own refreshments as the pavilion is only accessed for the toilet.

Here’s hoping for a great season, good therapy after such a difficult winter. Harberton CC is in a great position to celebrate competitive but friendly team sport in excellent surroundings.  


Andrew, Chairman 25.04.21


Christian Larder

Many club members will have heard the terrible news of Christian's death at the age of 49. He has had a long association with both Harberton and Diptford cricket clubs and anyone who has seen him play will remember a very gifted player of great style with both bat and ball, who was always charming and good company. His club statistics speak for themselves. There were a number of memories of playing with Christian which I hope I can pass on accurately.


I first remember seeing him play probably having just left school at our ground at Dundridge; his skill was evident to all. Barry recalls him getting 4 wickets in 4 balls of ferocious pace.


Ian remembers batting with him, after Ian's significant illness, his first innings. Facing a quick young Dartington bowler Ian was hit on the head and went down. Recovering he faced the next ball of similar pace and hit the youngster back over his head for a boundary. Christian, who as Ian admits, had the vast bulk of the scoring wandered down the strip and said simply: "Gritty". They went on to  score 140.


I remember coming in to bat with Christian, who was clearly running out of partners if I was batting with him. I asked him what the plan was; in a moment he said: " Just play each ball as it comes Andrew". Trudging back to the pavilion within a very short time having played across a straight one, he still managed a kind comment.


I have said to a number of members that he was a true gentleman, a cricketer of style and power. I have been told he was a great family man, our loss as he wouldn't be able to play at weekends so that he could care for the family.


Our thoughts are with Helen and the children.


Christian's Averages



Played 77
Innings 71
Not Out 20
Runs 2,203
Average 43.2
Highest Score 117
50s 14
100s 2
Ct 25


Overs 373
Maidens 67
Runs 1,312
Wickets 89
Average 14.7



Wkt    HCC ranking      Runs    Partnership                                         vs Opposition

2nd    2nd highest       184       Dave Emm & Christian Larder         vs Harbertonford, 2002

3rd      3rd highest       140       Christian Larder & Ian Hutchcroft   vs Dartington & Totnes, 2005 

HCC 2020 season:


We have had some great cricket despite the restrictions of the pandemic. Players have become accustomed to distancing, stopping for sanitising and restricting their celebrations compared to normal. We are going to do the tour and this will be the weekend of 11th-13th September. There have been significant developments at the ground, again despite the current situation but in fact benefiting from it in terms of a grant we received. As a result we have been able to install solar panels, battery and wiring to provide some electric power to the pavilion, mostly to help the tea ladies but also to proliferate activity when we are allowed to. We have new gang mowers and freshly serviced other machinery. Many thanks to Trigger for leading on both these major projects. Graham and ground teams have kept the ground in excellent shape again despite the restrictions. Noah has been leading as Captain and been successful in both results and managing to get teams out! Reports a bit limited I am afraid due to absence of key members. 

AWF Sept 2020





It is great news that after ECB appeal to the government we have now been allowed to return to recreational cricket(Step 4).

There are significant restrictions placed on what we do to continue to reduce risk of tranmission of Covid-19.

In brief summary:

  • Very limited use of the pavilion
  • Social distancing maintained while playing
  • Stop to sanitise every 6 overs
  • Refreshments provided by players for their own use
  • Pitch marked for running between wickets

We continue to use the net under previous restrictions.




With the loosening of lockdown we have now placed the net on a beautifully cut strip and it is available for booking! ALL USE MUST BE BOOKED TO FULFILL ECB GUIDELINES. Booking form at Net Booking on another page.















HCC 2019 Season: 

Harberton CC v South Brent CC 18 August 2019 (40 overs per side)


HCC took first use of a drying wicket on a blustery day (oh OK it was flipping gale force all day!). Team regulars were joined by the Tremlett brothers Adam and Sam from Ivybridge/Ugborough who later had key roles to play.


Sands and Norris fell early without waking the scorer (Roger shouldering arms to a vicious inswinger which would have troubled Jason Roy...not difficult it has to be said).We were then treated to the second hundred partnership of consective weekends involving Mike, this time with Noah.Both made fine 60's on a pitch which was slow albeit drying as the afternoon progressed.


Late contributions by Adam Tremlett and Colin Shearer saw us reach 198 off our 40 overs at tea which always looked a tough total for South Brent to chase.


The start of their reply can best be described as sedate with one opener regularly upsetting the other for slow running or not running and their score rather ambled along with only 47 off the first 20 with Dave Norris bowling his 8 in a row and conceding few, and John Compston getting them through at a lively pace.


Roger and Sam Tremlett then controlled the middle overs , not without some controversy.The slower opener Lannin eventually was given out for an appeal by Roger for lbw (plumb Ed). There was then some debate involving both openers and the umpire when the finger had gone up and the only choice was to walk back either slowly or quickly to the pavilion but eventually (and perhaps controversially) Lannin was reprieved due to doubt as to what he was given out for and whether the ball had hit bat before pad. The bowler was less than amused!


Neil Cossins chipped in with a remarkable piece of fielding which was similar to an airborne trap of a Brazilian footballer to save 4 overthrows off a typically feisty run out attempt by Noah and generally the bowling was tight, fielding good and overs got through at a good rate.


There then followed a remarkable piece of bowling by young Sam Tremlett who had earlier introduced himself as a keeper without convincing the skipper that senior gloveman Shearer should relinquish that slot for the afternoon.With well-pitched up in duckers Sam ran through the Brent order at one point having taken all 7 wickets to fall. He finished with 7-37 and older brother Adam (the bowler of the two) 0-6 from 7.John Compston finished off the tail ably to leave HCC comfortable winners with Brent all out for 148 and to see HCC continue their winning trot.


There was some late controversy when Nick Bryant of Brent asked for a runner after being in for two overs and claiming to be "knackered". This may or may not have been exacerbated by bottles of Peroni seen consumed on the verandah but captain Tobias kindly relented (not without some questioning from Roger who favoured a harsher line). The episode led Chairman Andrew to have some clinical concern suggesting that a rest might be a better remedy but Nick carried on saying he was just very unfit.It remains to be seen whether MCC will see this as adequate grounds for a runner (got to be joking Ed).


An enjoyable beer was had with the Brent guys at Club HQ with John excelling himself with a fine spread of chips, jacket potatoes, sausages and fish goujons. Top spread and another jug from Mike capped off a fine day.


Harberton CC v Stoke Fleming CC (H) Shield Game 11 August 2019 40 overs per side


Stoke Fleming batted first.Good Harberton bowling all through never let them get away with Ed S-C taking a smart catch standing up to Tom to dismiss John Hardy and then Dave "Vietnam" Norris getting the key wickets of Pope and Church in his first spell with a great inswinger to castle the latter.Probing spells then followed from Noah, Hugo and Charlie S-C to ensure that wickets came at regular intervals.


A late 50 by young "Nursery" Rhymes and some late lusty blows from Mike Perkin saw SF finish on 157 for 9 from their 40 overs which was probably 25 more than seemed likely.Two wickets each for Dave, Tom, Hugo and Noah with one run out.


HCC opened up after tea with Matt Thompson and Ed S-C.Ed perished early to Pope, Colin Jones also. Matt was joined byMike and for a while were both becalmer by the accurate SF senior spinners.Having seen off that threat the runs began to come more easily and eventually the stylish younger partner and the senior HCC top order batsman piled on a stand of  116 before Mike was bowled by "Dean" Martin and Tom then settled nerves with Matt with a quickfire 20. The main danger was getting the runs on the board before the heavens opened which we achieved with 2 overs to spare.A fine celebration followed at Club HQ with the Shield safe again in HCC hands.Great to see Bill, Dick and Trigger among the crowd to reflect on glories past in this crucial fixture.HCC won by 6 wickets with a handful of overs to spare.



Stoke Gabriel CC v Harberton CC (A) 04 August 2019 35 overs per side


Stoke Gabriel batted first. After a first wicket stand of 42, Angus ripped through their top order and after that wickets fell regularly shared between Angus,Toby, Ed S-C and Roger. We made the run chase seem more difficult than it was with Charlie S-C falling to an obvious cow corner trap, and Colin Jones and Mike now troubling the scorers overly. The ship was steadied by a solid stand between Colin Shearer and Toby with Ed S-C coming in with some late blows including two big sixes to put matters beyond doubt.HCC win by 4 wickets

Harberton CC v Abbotskerswell CC (H)

Sun 21 July

Sunday’s fixture had an unusual start. Noah was confronted with the very unusual circumstances of HCC having TOO MANY players!


Tom played for Abbots and Neil was allowed to join them on loan terms just for the day and Dave “Vietnam” Norris was allowed to rest his troublesome knee on a bench for the afternoon.


We won the toss and batted first.


Charlie Smout-Cooper, only just in from the night before, admitted that he didn’t know which to play of the three balls he was seeing and was undone by a straight one early doors. Colin Jones and Matt Thompson then steered the HCC ship into calmer waters with a stand of 38 in good time with Colin timing the ball nicely and Matt unfurling a few of his cover drives before Matt tried to a pull short one aiming a few inches above the actual trajectory of a straight delivery and was clean bowled.


Colin was joined by Mike and a substantial partnership followed the extent of which is a little uncertain as I forgot to note the score on which Colin retired hurt on 30 with a troublesome hip after an unusually (for him) inelegant swipe across the line.


Mike was joined by Eddie Smout-Cooper who, after a steady start, upped the tempo nicely with Mike eventually departing 3 short of his 50 and hitting a towering six deep into the reaches of cow corner on the lower side of the ground. Immediately before Eddie fell, HCC were at the unusual heights of 208 for 2!


Ollie Tregelles had been itching to get in for while and take it to the Abbots bowling but early aggression resulted in a quickfire duck later to be forgotten after a fine demonstration of bowling and fielding.


Mike was eventually bowled for a fine 85, Angus blasted a rapid 28 with Will Taylor pushing some smartly taken one’s for him leaving HCC to thoroughly enjoy tea with 254 for 8 on the board after 40 overs.


Finlay opened from the pavilion end and Will from the non-pavilion end. Finlay took an over or so to sight his in-swinging yorkers but Will was immediately on the money, his first ball pitching on middle and hitting the top of off to leave the Abbots opener playing down the wrong line. Finlay and Will shared 6 wickets evenly between them including the dangerous looking Tom Heath who was disappointed to smack a wide, low full bunger straight in to Ollie’s safe mitts at extra cover. Mike hung on to a looping catch in the covers which almost gave him too much time to think how he might put it down.


Ollie and Roger were then brought on to mop up the tail, Ollie with 2-12 off his 4 overs. Roger was a little (!!) more expensive with Jarman plundering his 4th over for 3 sixes from legside half trackers before a better pitched delivery just outside off saw him aim a tame, lofted shot straight into Matt Thompson’s waiting hands at extra cover leaving Abbots well short on 84 all out.


A fine win therefore saw us repair to Club HQ to enjoy Mike’s jug of Amstel while reflecting on a satisfying (and thumping) victory!



VICE PRESEDENTS DAY - 14th July 2019

Well what a day of sport and celebration for the whole country!


England winning the Cricket World Cup, brilliant men's final at Wimbledon and Hamilton winning the British GP. For those who bravely made it onto the field instead of sitting at home watching the action on TV, a hot game against Erratics CC, stopped in the middle of play at least twice to see or hear crucial parts of events unfolding at Lord's.

Technology provided by a grant from the ECB related to the Cricket World Cup allowed us to watch in the pavilion, albeit on a smaller screen than the Chairman had planned.
Vice-presidents arrived and witnessed good play then were refreshed by tea coordinated by Isabelle Steer. 

After tea we made a presentation to Tony Hawtin, honorary life member, who is moving to Shebbear. He was given a beautiful print by Dick Todd.

The game was won by Harberton with Mike McClement scoring 99 and Colin Shearer a half century.

A fantastic day all round finished off with a BBQ in the setting sun.

Well done England!!



HCC vs Plympton 12.5.19


Harberton played under glorious blue skies yesterday in a friendly fixture against Plympton. Mike McClement and Dave Norris opened up against a young Plympton side. After an early dismissal of Dave Norris, Colin Priddons joined Mike at the crease where they both played some graceful shots off the young bowlers.  After building a steady partnership Colin was unluckily runout and was dismissed for 25. Matt Thompson joined the fray where he continued to help build a growing partnership with Mike McClement who reached his half century. With momentum building both played some attacking shots to extend the total further. Matt was bowled by playing on to a leg side delivery. A debutant Toby Lovell joined the crease where he too played some fine shots building onto the lead. A ton up as Mike reached his century in style with a shot through the covers. Both eventually retired giving the way to  Charlie Hill who played some hard hitting shots through the covers who was also joined by Colin Shearer, Tom Heath and Leroy Lane. Harberton eventually finished on 268 for five giving the opposition a large total to chase down.

After a sumptuous tea Harberton got under way with Dave Norris and another debutant Leroy Lane both bowling excellent tidy spells. Leroy managed to pick up three wickets after some great line and length pressurising the batsmen into making shots. Matt Thompson and Charlie Hill both also began their spells with Matt being sent to the boundary with some loose delivery’s.  Needless to say Harberton persevered and continued to collect some vital wickets with fine bowling from Noah Tobias and Hugo Whitlock. The day ended up with the opposition being bowled out for 154 which capped an enjoyable days cricket.


Thanks to all who took part!!

Matt Thompson




Harberton CC v Plymstock CC
Sat 20 April 13.00 start
40 overs per side.

The sun shone on the Bank Holiday weekend and the ground looked beyond compare for the start of
the 2019 season. Our thanks to all involved for that.
Unfortunately the same could not be said for Harberton’s cricket or team availability (a bank holiday
Saturday being difficult for a number of reasons).
With late withdrawals we took to the field with only 8 players with Plymstock lending us one. The 8
included several club stalwarts easing their way in at the start of the year.
Plymstock fielded most of their first XI treating the match as a warm-up for their oncoming league
Plymstock batted first. Finlay Porter and Dave Norris opened up and bowled well with Finlay getting
early scalps bowling an opener and having their No 3 mistime a pull for a sharp catch by Andrew
Frankland at mid-wicket. Thereafter the lack of bowling resources available to captain for the day
Mike McClement predictably led to a mid-innings deterioration for the bowling side. Finlay and Dave
were allowed to bowl more than their allocation but runs were shipped to leave Plymstock on 293-5.
The tea was of a high standard and sadly greatly outshone Harberton’s batting. Colin Shearer went to
an early lbw decision and the writing was on the wall when captain McClement (realistically our only
hope for a respectable total) also went for a duck coming in at 3. This report won’t dwell on our
batting as it is doubtless a record for all the wrong reasons. Suffice to say, all (well 7) out for 19.
From my standpoint as umpire for the day though, Mike captained admirably with limited resources
and everybody gave it their all with no lack of good humour.
We can only get better from here and as the holder of last season’s duck award I can be happy that a
good number have got off to a flying start this season.
To close…let’s all make ourselves available whenever we can to make Noah (and Sleepy’s) job easier
and please can we all reply to team availability e mails within 24 hours.






Scoreccard from the Bovey Tracey Game 21.04.2019

Scorecard From Bovey Tracey Game 21.04.2019

AWARDS EVENING Friday 12th April




Good to see everybody last night, a great turn out.
Congratulations to Sleepy and Noah for their batting and bowling awards, Matt for the Most Improved Player, Duck award to Roger. Jack won the midweek batting and Trigger the bowling! Players player was voted for on the night and won by Mike; he even managed to find the trophy at the other end of the pub.
The White Shield was presented to Isabelle representing the Tea Team(ladies+Matt) and it was great to see Matt and two ladies present during the evening.
All this information in the Season Guide prepared by Rob with great timing. I will get it on the website soon and some copies will be in the pavilion.
Great evening and excellent to see Barry.
PS Simon messed his diary up and didn't make it and then complained he didn't get an award...
WORK DAY 13.4.19
Thanks to all who helped on Saturday. We got a lot done in chilly but dry conditions. Thanks to Bill and Graham for coordinating and overseeing things, Trigger especially for providing digger and tipper to resurface the lane and also dig a drain for the workshed. The pavilion was cleaned and refurbished led by Mike. Thanks to all the other workers Jack (+Rupert), Angus, Simon, Andrew and Noah(who was bravely facing a match in the afternoon).
I may have forgotten someone, if so apologies and fine to the Chairman.
It is looking great up there and the weather is set fair for Saturday! Tea team teed up(sorry)! Come and support even if you cant play...although we need everybody out for two fixtures.
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